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Ankle Bracelets
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Ankle Bracelets

14K Gold Ankle Bracelets - designer series. Anklets and 14kt Anklets.

Ankle Bracelets

Heavenly Treasures offers ankle bracelets for every woman's body and style.

Our fine women's ankle bracelets are exclusively designed for us. There are average size anklets and then plus size anklets for those who need. Petite sizes start at 8" and plus sizes go up to 12". Next the style, metal and stone are considered: gold vs. sterling, gemstone vs diamond. Finally, the theme should be kept in mind. The following ankle bracelet criteria should be considered by women as they create their anklet ensembles.

Several Lengths:

One of the most important decisions for women to make is selecting the length of their ankle bracelet. At Heavenly Treasures we offer all lengths of ankle bracelets from the standard 9" anklet length to plus size anklets as long as 11" & 12". We also have styles that adjust in length. There are a few simple methods to measuring your ankle. First you will need to decide where you want your bracelet to rest on your foot/ankle. Many people enjoy the look of a tight fit higher up on the ankle. Some prefer a drooping look where the ankle bracelet lies loosely below the ankle bone. Consideration is required depending on the actual design as many styles are thicker and bulkier than others. The best way to measure your ankle is with a tape measure or string (if tape measure is not available). Measure the width around your ankle and add approximately 1/2" to leave room for the bracelet to fit properly.

Many Themes:

If you can imagine a theme, we carry it. From hearts to butterflies...to dolphins and to sea-life. There are so many fun themes to choose from. Start by browsing the many categories.

Sterling Silver Anklets:

A Sterling Silver ankle bracelet is a must-have for your one of your ensembles. They come in a variety of trends and are by far the most affordable.

Diamond Ankle Bracelets:

Now your getting to the good stuff. Traditional diamond ankle bracelets are the best way to show off those beautiful legs. Diamonds give that extra bling and are loved by everyone. If you're on a tight budget then you can forget this one. But if you really want something to burst with brilliance a diamond anklet is a must.

Prices (for anyone and everyone):

How much do you want to spend and what do you expect to get out of it? Heavenly Treasures only sells ankle bracelets in either Gold, Sterling Silver or Platinum. Other base metal designs are not offered because they don't stand the test of time and break easily. We offer a lifetime warranty on all of our jewelry therefore we only provide excellent quality pieces (we don't want any problems). Prices range from $19 up to $1,000 so there is plenty to match most women's price range. We offer a wide range of sizes and designs including several exclusive styles.

Italian & Specialty Designed:

It's known that some of the world's nicest gold pieces are designed and manufactured in Italy. The designers are always on top of fashion trends and the quality is second to none. Most of our Ankle bracelets are designed in Italy.

Several Closure Configurations:

There are several types of closures used and for good reason. The range offered includes lobster claw, spring ring as well as magnet and adjustable ring clasps. We make sure every piece we offer for sale is easy to use and has a comfortable yet durable clasp.

Gold Ankle Bracelets

- The beauty of gold has been adored for thousands of years. This is the reason why it's still some of the bestselling designs. Gold workmanship has completely evolved over the years. Today, gold ankle bracelets really make a statement. The quality and craftsmanship are amazing and the selection is infinite. Designs are available in 18k and 14k gold.

Charm Bracelets Also Make Great Anklets

- Well, this kind of bracelet is not typically known for being worn on the ankle but the truth is charm bracelets are making more appearances on ankles now then ever before. Charm anklets let you decide what kind of look you want - when you want it. With hundreds of styles there's definitely one here for you.

Your Ankle Bracelet Vestments:

Sexy jewelry should absolutely be a part of your wardrobe. It's slimming and adds just that little touch of cute. The right piece will make you look good and have all the Men drooling.

  • Dolphin ankle bracelets - Nothing says summer like a dolphin. This iconic symbol defines beauty, summer and fun all in one. Many women consider this a must have in their collection.
  • Heart Ankle Bracelets - The heart is probably the most widely recognized design in the world. Heart anklets come in many choices. Some want that puffy heart look, others want the abstract open heart design. The pickings are plenty.
  • Chain Anklets - For that simple and sophisticated look you can't ever go wrong with a chain link ankle bracelets. Designs range from twisted chain, cable link, rolo-link, figaro link and more.
  • Pearl & Bead Ankle Bracelets - Sit down and make a list of the types of activities you do. Then, make sure you have the appropriate sports bra for each of them. A sports bra you wear to yoga is far different from the one you wear when running. All sports bras are not created equal, so establish a collection.
  • Gemstone Anklets - Take time to figure out which gemstones you appreciate most and want in your collection. It may be a birthstone or it may just be that adored color you think would go perfect with those new shoes. Pearls come in classic white, chocolate or black. Gemstones range from Peridot, to Garnet and gemstones by the yard.
  • Tri-color or Two-tone - These ankle bracelet styles are a plenty. Looking to match a certain color? Want to be versatile? Having two-tone or tri-color anklets give you more flexibility to wear your bracelet with several outfit and shoe choices.

Still not sure what to buy? Check out the most popular styles chosen by women all over the world. Several designs are also available in matching bracelet and necklace sets. HeavenlyTreasures.com is the only place to shop for ankle bracelets. Our exclusive collection is extensive with over 200 different styles to choose from. Pricing that can't be beat, a 90 day money back guarantee as well as lifetime warranty are just some of the reasons why we can't be beat.

Look at our extensive assortment today and receive Free Shipping on orders over $50*.

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