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Pearl Jewelry

The Heavenly Treasures Pearl Jewelry collection. From classic Pearl Earrings to designer Tahitian Pearl Necklaces. Bridal Jewelry and Bridesmaids Jewelry too. Pearls are know as the June birthstone.

Honora Pearl Jewelry
Featuring the designer collection of Honora Pearls and select Honora Pearl Jewelry.
Pearl Necklaces
Unique Pearl Necklaces - designs include Tahitial Pearl Necklaces and Cultured Freshwater Pearl necklaces.
Pearl Rings
Many Pearl rings to choose from. Designs include Tahitian Pearl Rings, Cultured Pearl, Mabe Pearl Rings, and even Mother of Pearl.
Pearl Pendants
Unique Pearl Pendant designs. Many in white gold too.
Mother of Pearl
Mother of Pearl Jewelry, Mother of Pearl Rings and more.
Pearl Earrings
Pearl Earrings Unique and innovative pearl earrings - exquisite designs to choose from.
Pearl Bracelets
Unique Pearl Bracelets. Biwa and Gold Pearl Bracelets too.
Tahitian Pearls
Tahitian Pearl Jewelry - Tahitian Black Pearls, South Sea Pearl necklaces and more.
Pearl Pins
Beautiful selection of pearl pins.
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Pearl Jewelry


Heavenly Treasures Has Breathtaking Pearl Jewelry Everyone Will Adore

Pearl jewelry has been popular among women for centuries.  These gorgeous gems are incredibly breathtaking, and we have a variety of choices ranging from freshwater pearls to Tahitian black pearls, South Sea pearls, mother of pearl, and much more.  We know that every woman has unique tastes and we work to provide the best items to complement every style.  There is much to consider when looking for the perfect piece of pearl jewelry.

Several Types

Before you can start selecting the perfect piece of pearl jewelry, you need to know what type of item you are looking for.  We offer a vast array of pearl bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and pendants to choose from.  Within all of these categories, you will find numerous different metals, pearl types, sizes, shapes, and more to help you create the elegant, stunning, and fashionable look that you seek.

Pearl Types

While traditional pearl jewelry tends to make use of either a single white pearl or a string of them, you will find that we offer a wide variety of pearl colors and options.  We certainly have plenty of traditional pearl necklaces, but we are also proud to offer numerous choices that make use of brilliant black pearls as well as Mabe pearls, cultured freshwater pearls, mother of pearl, and much more.  Classic is always great, but we know that women love to have options and to be able to find the perfect jewelry for a truly special occasion.

Numerous Metals and Bases

While a gorgeous string of pearls offers a beauty all its own, we know that sometimes simpler can be better, too.  Much of our collection works by pairing gorgeous pearls with some of the finest precious metals in the world.  Whether you are seeking beautiful pearls against a backdrop of sterling silver, white or yellow gold, or even elegant rose gold, we have rings, earrings, pendants, and necklaces that pair these lovely stones against the most high quality metals to help you create that look you have been hoping to achieve.

Prices Can Also Be Important

We know that price is a very important consideration these days, which is why our collection of pearl jewelry is diverse enough to offer something for everyone.  Our pearl jewelry collection starts at well under $100 for gorgeous necklaces, bracelets, pins, and more, and extends upwards where you can find anything from strings of rare Tahitian pearls to beautiful white gold and diamond pearl ensembles.  No matter what the price of your item, you will find that everything we offer comes with a 90 day money back guarantee as well as a lifetime warranty.  We are able to provide this by only offering the absolute best materials and craftsmanship on every single item that we sell.

Creating the Perfect Look

Whenever you are shopping for pearl jewelry, your goal is to find the piece that will perfectly complement your look and style. The right pair of pearl earrings can provide the ideal frame for your face and can really draw attention to your look, while the perfect pendant can turn a beautiful gown into an absolutely stunning ensemble.  Pairing the right jewelry with the right look is always the best way to show off your natural beauty, and our pearl jewelry helps to make this easy.

Your Pearl Jewelry Choices:

Variety is the spice of life, and at Heavenly Treasures, we work to provide an incredibly diverse range of pearl jewelry.

  • Tahitian, South Sea, and Mabe Pearls- If you want elegance that goes well beyond the traditional white pearl, you will find that our collection of exquisite and rare pearls can offer just what you are looking for.  These unique items provide an array of color choices as well as a luster and shine that is simply beyond compare.
  • Gold and Diamond Pearl Combinations- When a single pearl or string of pearls alone won’t suit your tastes, a beautiful piece that combines the brilliance of gold or the shine of diamonds can help you show off the perfect dress or the perfect skin.
  • Mother of Pearl Jewelry- If you want something really unique, mother of pearl can also be a fantastic option.  This material, which comes from the inside of mussel shells, provides a brilliant shine that catches the light in such a way as to provide a gorgeous array of colors.

Sexy and stunning jewelry should be a part of every woman’s wardrobe.  At Heavenly Treasures, we strive to offer something special for every taste and preference, and our large collection of pearl jewelry is certain to hold something perfect for you.

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