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Poesy Jewelry

The tradition of Poesy Jewelry & Poesy Rings dates back to Ancient Egypt but reached the height of popularity in the 16th and 17th centuries. Poesy rings, sometimes called friendship rings or worn both by men and ladies as wedding bands, are engraved with words, love poems, symbols & quotations from around the world & each piece has its own tale to tell.

Poesy Rings

Offering Inspirational and Romantic Poesy Rings and Jewelry

Poesy rings and jewelry date back thousands of years.  Found in artifacts dating as far back as Ancient Egypt, historic evidence shows that these items were most popular in the 16th and 17th centuries.  Our gorgeous poesy rings and jewelry keep with the old traditions, offering beautiful words, images, sayings, and quotations.  We also offer serenity prayer jewelry as well as other inspirational jewelry designed to offer deep sentimentality and meaning.

Several Poesy Designs

When it comes to our Poesy collection, you will find more than just traditional rings.  We know that people need to express themselves in many ways, and we offer a variety of necklaces and pendants.  Our collection also includes a number of bangles for men and women alike that feature inspirational and romantic phrases and quotations.

Multiple Ways To Express Yourself

What makes Poesy rings and jewelry so popular and so beloved is not just the look that the jewelry provides, it is also the deeper meaning inscribed on each piece.  Whether a single word, such as Dream, the meaning of "soul friend" - Anam Cara, or a quote from Shakespeare or the Bible, Poesy jewelry is designed to always carry a deeper meaning and symbolism and to serve to remind the wearer of the intent and message behind the piece.

You will find that our Poesy collection is incredibly diverse.  We offer pieces with messages of love, hope, and inspiration.  We also have a variety of pieces that carry quotations about family, friendship, and dreams.  From Walt Whitman to Henry David Thoreau, we have quotes from some of history’s most remarkable poets as well as phrases in Latin, French, and other languages.  When you are looking for jewelry that truly carries a significant meaning, our Poesy collection simply cannot be beat.

Numerous Metals and Colors

While most Poesy jewelry is simple in design to allow the focus to be placed on the meaning and the quote or imagery, you will find that we have a diverse selection.  We offer sterling silver, yellow gold, and titanium.  Some of our pieces even offer charms or gemstones that help to capture the eye.

Perfect Gift Ideas

One thing that you will certainly find with Poesy jewelry is that it is ideal for gift giving.  Whether you want to brighten your best friend’s spirits in a time of sadness or need, to tell your mother how much she means to you, or to share your eternal love and gratitude to your spouse or significant other, these pieces are a great way to do so.  As perfect for everyday gift giving as they are for holidays, anniversaries, and birthdays, there is just something about the symbolism of Poesy jewelry that no other gift can quite match up to.

Prices and Quality Beyond Compare

When you choose jewelry from the Poesy collection here at Heavenly Treasures, you can know that you are getting the best quality and pricing available.  All of our jewelry is guaranteed for 90 days and carries a lifetime warranty.  Our prices start at only $28 and increase gradually up to $598, ensuring that there is a beautiful and inspirational piece for every budget.

Choosing Poesy Jewelry

Poesy rings and jewelry are ideal for gifts as well as for reminding yourself of the things that are important to you.  These pieces are as beautiful as they are inspirational and will look good with any outfit.

  • Great Messages- By far the best thing about Poesy jewelry is the deeper meaning of each of the individual pieces.  From religious text to inspirational and romantic messages, there is a great piece for anyone and everyone.
  • Beautiful and Elegant Design- Poesy jewelry is designed to be simply stunning and elegant.  You will find plenty of choices from the simple to the elaborate, each of which is designed to provide a look of sophistication as well as a feeling of inspiration.
  • Deeper Meaning- When looking to give Poesy jewelry as a gift, it can carry a much deeper meaning than even the inscription.  A Poesy ring with a message of romance can convey your unyielding love and devotion and can let your recipient know just how deeply you really feel.

If you are unsure what message you are seeking on Poesy jewelry, why not browse our collection to find the message and piece that is perfect for you or your recipient?

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