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"My Beloved" Poesy Rings - Sterling or 14K Gold

This modern poesy ring is taken from Solomon's Song of Songs Chapter 2, verse 16, the most passionate declaration of love in the Bible. "My beloved is mine and I am his" (or for the men the ring will read "My beloved is mine and I am hers") is engraved around the outside of the band. (R4476)
  • Engraved in a fifteenth century black-letter face
  • Cast by the lost wax method of ancient times in sterling silver
  • Available in Sterling Silver starting at $59 or 14K Gold starting at $598 - please select when ordering
  • Ring measures 5mm wide
  • His and hers rings for men and women
  • Comes in a nice jewelry gift box
  • Item# R4476-POESY$59.00

      Gorgeous, April 3, 2011
    Posted By: ,

    I got this ring in silver for my bf. Its it very beautiful and shinny. I explained to him what a posey ring was and how I loved him. He loved it so much and had tears in his eyes. We have been speaking about getting married but I know he dint have the money yet for my ring, since I couldn't wait I got him the ring as a symbol of our commitment to each other until the wedding day. We are very happy with this purchase. And it arrived extremely fast.

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      NOT so happy, April 15, 2014
    Posted By: ,

    I bought this ring in February to give to my boyfriend for valentines day, and I'm not happy with this ring. Although it is a beautiful ring and it had a very meaningful sentiment from the book of song of songs, the weekend that I gave it to my boyfriend, it immediately started to oxidize on his finger and turn his finger black. I really wanted to do something to save this ring from doing that, but didn't know what to do about it. So I googled what to do about Oxidations on fingers from Sterling silver, and sent him the instructions. Well, knowing my boyfriend like I do, He didn't do anything to it because saying he was just so busy. So now I'm going to have to find another ring that won't turn his finger black. It bums me out because I really liked the ring a lot and so does he.

    Your boyfriend has an allergic reaction to Sterling Silver.

    Silver, in it's purest form, is too soft for use as jewelry, so jewelers combine it with nickel or copper to provide strength and durability to the final product. This is called an alloy. Most people are not allergic to silver itself, but some people experience a skin discoloration in reaction to the nickel or copper in the alloy.

    For this reason, in the past, silver products were often lacquered to prevent direct exposure to the skin. Our silver products are NOT lacquered, coated, or plated, so the alloy does come in direct contact with your skin.

    Some people experience a skin discoloration in reaction to the alloy and are unpleasantly surprised when it occurs. Others however, see it as a positive. Studies have shown that silver and copper have healing properties which have been used to treat illnesses like arthritis.

    According to dermatologists, the reaction varies depending upon your diet, skin ph and environment. Women, for instance may experience a reaction on some days and not on others. Your primary care physician or dermatologist is most qualified to answer questions of a personal nature regarding skin reactions to jewelry alloys. You may be able to ask for a skin test to determine if you will experience a reaction.

    If you experience a skin discoloration, we would like to assure you that your ring is not fake, or made of low quality silver. In fact, quite the opposite is true. Our Poesy Jewelry is made right here in America where the standard is 925 parts pure silver, per 1000 parts. This is higher in quality than German Silver, which contains only 900 parts pure silver. Our Poesy jewelry is solid, never plated, and is created by hand from a carved wax mold. If you have questions about any piece of jewelry you purchase from us, we encourage you to ask a jeweler, chemist, doctor or dermatologist you know and trust.

    Some people have taken their silver Poesy Rings to be lacquered while others have reported success by coating the surface with a thin layer of clear nail polish or polyurethane. (Please note that lacquered or polished items cannot be returned or exchanged.) We recommend you speak with your dermatologist or primary care physician before taking any steps, or for more information regarding copper and nickel alloy skin reactions.

    Please remember we offer a complete 90 day money back guarantee.
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