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Tell Your Own Tale with a Poesy Ring

Posted November 15th, 2012 by Elizabeth

While the good old fashioned Claddagh rings have not dwindled in popularity, some might want to opt for jewelry with a message they can tailor to themselves (or the person they are gifting the ring to). This is where Poesy rings and necklaces come in. These silver and gold rings and pendants are perfect for the wearer who wants to be reminded of a mantra or personal motto every time she slips on her ring. These rings are engraved with words, love poems, symbols and quotations from around the world. They are often used as friendship rings or wedding bands.

Despite dating back to the ancient Egyptians, the Poesy jewelry’s popularity really took off in the mid 16th and 17th centuries in England and France. It was during this time period when lovers started to give each other these rings as gifts and symbols of their commitment to one another. Originally, the messages inscribed on these rings were displayed on the outside of the ring, but later moved to the inside for more discretion. Today, the inscriptions are usually written in either Latin or English, which changed from the original Norman French.

Regardless of the language or placing of the message, the significance is still the same. This might be the perfect alternative to a men's bracelet for your love this holiday season. Check out the options available and then create your own inscription for a gift that speaks for a lifetime.

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