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How To Create The Perfect Bead Bracelet

Design Your Own - Reflection Beads

How to Tell Your Story

1. Choose Bead Bracelet or Necklace Holder

When choosing the correct bracelet or necklace length, measure your wrist then add an extra inch or so to accommodate for the width of the beads.

View Bead Holder Bracelets & Necklaces


2. Select Your Beads

Choose from thousands of fabulous beads that will go on your chain or bead holder.

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3. Choose Clips or Gripper Beads To Prevent Sliding

Clip Beads are hinged beads that can be attached anywhere on the chain to prevent sliding, but can only clip onto the chain, not over the end clasp. Gripper Beads are lined with rubber gaskets that can be used anywhere on the chain.

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4. Add Spacer Beads If Desired

Spacer beads don't have hinges or rubber gaskets but are designed to move freely between your themed beads.

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5. Personalize Your Design

There are thousands of ways to personalize your bead bracelet. There are themes such as Birthstone Beads, Family Beads, Initial Beads, Glass Beads, Flower Beads and many more.

* Additional Options

You can add security chains as well as double-up connectors to attach two bracelets together.


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