5/8" Genuine Diamond Hoop Earrings in Sterling Silver
5/8" wide Sterling Silver Mesh Necklace from Italy 17"
50 Gifts Under $500
54" Honora Pearl Necklace with Black Onyx in Sterling Silver
55mm Thick Gold 14k Large Hoops with Di-cut Rhodium
5mm January Swarovski Sterling Silver Ring
5mm Round August Birthstone Ring with Genuine Peridot Gemstone
5mm Round August Peridot Birthstone Ring in Sterling Silver
5mm Thick Extra Large Hoop Earrings in 14k White or Yellow Gold
5mm Thick n Huge 3"+ Large Hoop Earrings in Sterling Silver
6-Pack of Beer Bead in Sterling Silver
6.67 ctw Diamond Link Bracelet in 14k White Gold
60" Alternating Black Onyx and Honora Pearl Necklace in Sterling
6mm Black Enamel Titanium Promise Ring for Guys
6mm Round Ruby Stud Earrings in 14k Gold
6mm Wide Wedding Band in 14k White or Yellow Gold
7 1/2" Two Tone 14k Gold Link Bracelet
7 Strand Beaded Sterling Silver Necklace
7 Strand Pearl Necklace with Sterling Silver Clasp
7" Plumeria Bracelet in 14k Yellow Gold
7mm 14k White Gold 1/2 ctw Diamond Stud Earrings
7mm Men's Gold 14k Gold Fancy Link Bracelet 8"
8 Stone Black Diamond Ring in a 14kt White Gold Band
8.5-9mm Pearl Necklace with 14k Gold Clasp 18"
8mm Men's Gold 14k Cuban Bracelet 8" or 9"
8mm Men's Open Link Chain Bracelet 8"
8mm Twisted 14k Gold Italian Bangle Bracelet 7"
9 Carat Princess-cut Diamond Tennis Bracelet in 18k White Gold
9-11 Memory
9.5" Diamond Heart Anklet in 14k Gold
9.5mm Wide 14k Gold Omega Back Earrings
925 Sterling Silver Dog Bead for European Style Bracelets
925 Sterling Silver Dog Beads - Boxer Bead
925 Sterling Silver Slot Machine Bead
@ Sign Red Charm for Zoppini Bracelets
A Heart Within A Heart 14k Gold Kids Pendant
A Ma Vie De Coer Entier - You Have My Whole Heart For My Whole Life French Poesy Ring
A Part Of My Heart Daughter Floating Hearts Necklace in Sterling Silver
About Us
Abstract Aquamarine Gemstone Floating Heart Pendant
Abstract Diamond Heart - 14k Yellow Gold Promise Pendant
Abstract Diamond Heart Promise Ring in 14k White Gold
Abstract Heart Diamond Promise Pendant in 14k White Gold
Abstract Spacer Bead in Sterling Silver
Abyssinian Cat Bead in Sterling Silver
Ace of Spades European Style Card Bead in Sterling Silver
Action Bowler Charm for Zoppini Bracelets
Action Gymnastics
Action Running Charm by Zoppini
Action Skiing Charm by Zoppini

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